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Buy It Installed, Inc.’s story began more than 30 years ago. Our founder Todd Banhidy was a teenager installing blinds in Long Beach, California. Even then, he imagined a much better solution for service and installation in Consumer homes. He decided to dedicate his career to perfecting that solution. Along the way, Todd built similar solutions for several regional and national companies. His expertise frequently brought him to some of the most influential companies in the industry. He eventually worked as President for a Fortune 500 company.


During this journey, a pivotal moment came when he was building an Installed-Sales EcoSystem™ for a Retailer. Todd received a call from his sister. She mentioned that their mom had purchased a Product from his company and asked that he "pull some strings" to make sure the installation went well. Todd nearly called in the favor but stopped before dialing the phone. He realized that his Installed-Sales EcoSystem™ already provided the level of satisfaction that everyone’s mom deserves. He didn’t make the call.


When he visited his mom a month later, she greeted him with hug and expressed how much she appreciated the “special treatment” she received from the Retailer.


Todd was astonished, listening to his mom recount her positive interaction with the contractor and the level of respect, empathy, and personalization she received throughout the installation process.


Through this experience with his mom, Todd realized he had built a system that made every Consumer feel valued and affirmed. The system empowered the company he was with at the time to easily outperform its competitors—simply by having the advantage of an easy installation offering. As he continued to work in the Installed-Sales industry, Todd saw this trend hold true. Offering Consumers an option to purchase their Products with easy-to-use installation resulted in a tremendous lift in sales and Consumer satisfaction.


Todd discovered a way to deliver a seamless installation offering to all Retailers.  His solution is Buy It Installed®.


Our company is experiencing rapid growth, guided by a talented team who are committed to Buy It Installed, Inc.’s vision and principles.


Buy It Installed, Inc. Vision

Engineer deeply affirmational experiences, at unlimited scale, for all people in the Buy It Installed® Installed-Sales EcoSystem, through advancements in artificial empathy, with one click simplicity.


Affirmational Experiences: Individuals feel acknowledged and understood during every stage of the installation process through simple behaviors that address fundamental motivations for affirmation.


Unlimited Scale through Automation: Through our automated systems and processes, our solutions are designed to work at unlimited scale across Complex Work Systems.


Artificial Empathy: At the heart of our system is a proprietary form of artificial intelligence, known as artificial empathy. We are leaders in developing this technology to accurately and appropriately detect and respond to human emotions. We anticipate where problems might occur and fix them ahead of time to ensure that individuals experience empathetic outcomes.


One Click Simplicity: Our technology facilitates a seamless workflow across the Installed-Sales EcoSystem™ through One Click Simplicity.





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