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Founded in 2012, Buy It Installed, Inc. is an artificial empathy company specializing in the installed-sales industry. We invented the Buy It Installed® Button, a simple, one-click eCommerce button that enables online Consumers to purchase Products with installation.  By bundling products and service into a single purchase, our solutions streamline the buyer journey, while eliminating all the hassles of finding and hiring an installation professional.

Buy It Installed, Inc. was founded by Todd Banhidy, an installed-sales industry expert and former Fortune 500 president. After working in the installed-sales industry for three decades, he set out on a mission to streamline product and installation service, increasing both automation and Consumer satisfaction. He has spent years perfecting his technology, which is now called the Buy It Installed® Button. Today, this solution has been globally recognized as the most sophisticated technology in its space by organizations like IBM and the United Nations.

Right Person, Right Job

We believe work is an opportunity to exercise our natural abilities and develop learned skills in pursuit of a common vision. In order to do just that, we're intentional about hiring the right people for the job that best matches their aptitudes and abilities.


Across our company, we’re committed to our mission and are invested in cultivating a positive, innovative culture. We’ve built a team that’s creative, hard-working, and empathetic towards each other. We’re looking for team players and systemic thinkers who understand how the smallest details relate to the big picture. We’re big believers in the value of humility and open-minded learning as foundational for success.


People who excel are self-starters and are comfortable with change in a fast-paced work environment.


Candidates can expect a highly automated interviewing process that’s purposefully designed in such a way that your strengths and abilities shine.

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